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Regain Your Domain

New Client Information


Welcome to the Regain Your Domain family!  We appreciate your interest in our services.  To help our journey together progress smoothly, this information sheet has been put together for you to better understand our policies and process!


About Us

Regain Your Domain is a fully licensed and insured company serving Northumberland County.  We are also Better Business Bureau accredited!  Our employees are skilled and experienced with certifications that exceed the National and local standards of our industry.  Every employee is police screened and held to the highest standards.

Our Equipment and Supplies

We provide all  of our top of the line equipment and Green (Eco-friendly) supplies.  Our vacuums are the highest quality professional vacuums with triple hepa filters. These anti-allergen vacuums Capture and trap 99.9% of dust and allergens while preventing them from escaping back into the air. Based on ASTM F1977 of particles .3 microns or larger.  Our supplies are all natural, non-toxic, children and pet safe, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and we reuse the same spray bottles continuously to reduce plastic waste.  These products have been used in households with asthmatic family members and scent sensitivities with no concerns.  The main product line we use is Melaleuca.  If you enjoy the results of these products in your home, I am able to provide opportunity to purchase them for your own use much more cost efficient than any other cleaners.  


Three-Step Process

  1. Our journey together begins with a free consultation.  This is a time to get to know you and your family and your home.  This will allow us to understand your cleaning goals and needs and what that will require.  I will look at the surface and floor materials to ensure that we bring and use the appropriate cleaners and polishes, establish the size of the home, how long it has been since it was deep cleaned and/or professionally cleaned, and get an idea of how long it will take to clean.  If you are interested in proceeding with us, we will then schedule a deep clean. 

  2. A deep clean is required prior to any other services being completed in your home.  For some, it may be the only service you are seeking (one-time deep clean, post-construction clean, pre-list real estate clean, move-in/move-out clean), however if you are seeking regular maintenance cleans, a deep clean is mandatory to bring the home to our standard of clean so it can then be maintained.  A deep clean is with two cleaners and consists of:

  • Cleaning most ceilings (not popcorn) and light fixtures/fans

  • Cleaning walls and doors

  • Cleaning baseboards and trim

  • Cleaning window frames and internal windows (external windows if accessible and weather permits)

  • Under and behind all furniture and appliances (except china cabinets and furniture that cannot be reasonably moved by two people)

  • Full clean of bathrooms including removal of buildup, most stains, rust, calcium, lime, and hard water.

  • Full clean of kitchen including external appliances, microwave inside and out, all cupboard and drawer fronts, kickboards, counter tops including under small appliances.  

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped 

  • Optional: inside fridge and oven, refinishing of stainless steel to remove scratches and stains, carpets cleaned

  1. Regular maintenance cleans are an option following the deep clean.  Maintenance cleans are offered weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly at a Flat Rate Fee Only based on the size of the home, the size of the family, the condition of the home, the frequency of the cleans, and if there are pets and/or children.  Fees are non-negotiable as they are calculated based  on the cost of paying the cleaner, supplies, insurance, and travel.  You will generally have the same consistent cleaner unless they are ill or on vacation in which case you will have another cleaner come, ensuring you never miss a clean!  The maintenance cleans consist of the following:

  • High and low dusting of ceiling, walls, light fixtures/fans, baseboards, trim, doors, and surfaces

  • Cleaning and polishing of all surfaces according to surface type

  • Cleaning of all “high=touch” areas (doors, light fixtures, etc)

  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed, leather furniture conditioned

  • Full cleaning of bathrooms

  • Full cleaning of kitchen

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped 



Payment for first-time or One-time cleans are due immediately upon receipt of invoice.  Regular maintenance cleans are due in 14 days or prior to your next cleaning, whichever comes first.  If payment has not been received in full, the following cleaning will not take place, however the fees for the missed cleaning will still be due.  

Payment other than tips is not to be provided directly to your cleaner.  You will receive an invoice via email and payment can be made by email transfer to or by credit card to  Tips may be provided directly to your cleaner either handed directly to your cleaner or with a note stating the amount and that it is intended for the cleaner.  

There is a late payment fee of 10% accruing weekly on Wednesdays.  After 60 days of non-payment, all fees due plus accrued interest will be submitted to our collection agency.  

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation is required 48 hours prior to the scheduled clean.  If 48 hours notice is not provided or the cleaners are not able to gain access to the home to clean, full fees continue to be due.  In the case of hourly rate cleaning, 4 hours will be due.  

Preparing For Cleaning

You are not required to “clean before the cleaner,” however it is expected that the items on the floor and surfaces are picked up and not cluttered.  If the cleaner(s) need to pick up or move excess clutter in order to clean, a $35/hour charge will be applied with a minimum of $35.  This additional fee will be discussed with our client prior to the clean being performed.  Any bodily fluids and/or animal waste must be removed prior to us cleaning due to health and safety of the cleaner.

Closed Doors

When cleaning your home, a closed door means a door we stay out of.  If you want a room cleaned, please open the door and if you don’t want it cleaned, please close it.  There are some exceptions to this rule if previously discussed (such as doors that must stay closed to keep pets out), however if not previously discussed a closed door means the cleaner stays out.)

Toilet Brushes

Due to health and safety reasons, cleaners do not transport toilet brushes between homes or between rooms within a home.  Every bathroom with a toilet must have its own toilet brush or a new one will be provided by Regain Your Domain at a cost of $5.  


We are extremely careful with every single item in your home.  Sometimes damage may occur, however this is very rare.  In the event that any item in your home is damaged, you will be notified immediately and offered the option to either purchase a replacement and provide the receipt in return for reimbursement, or to provide purchase details and we will purchase a replacement for you.  If the item has a high value, an insurance claim will be initiated with you.  

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Regain Your Domain, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in our industry and back this service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with any part of our service, no matter how small, we will return and rectify it within 1 business day!

Respect For Your Cleaner

All employees in Ontario have a right to work in a positive, safe, and harassment-free work environment.  At any time that a client or potential client or individual on the client's property exhibits any language or behaviour that our cleaners render unsafe, negative, or harassing, the cleaner will immediately leave the premises and the full fees for cleaning or a minimum of 4 hours at the hourly rate will still be due.  The behaviour or language will be investigated by Regain Your Domain and further services may cease permanently depending on the situation.  This includes but is not limited to smoking of tobacco or any other substance in the home, anyone considered to be under the influence of any alcohol or substance, creating or "cooking" of illegal substances on the premises, aggressive behaviour, profane language, making false accusations, insulting comments, or treatment of the employee that could be perceived as harassing or degrading.   

Policy on Parasites and Communicable Diseases

To protect our employees and clients, we have a very strict policy regarding parasites and communicable diseases.  If you are aware that your home contains cockroaches, bed bugs, lice and/or fleas, you must notify Regain Your Domain of this prior to the cleaning.  A certificate of extermination will be required prior to employees of Regain Your Domain re-entering your home.  If, during the process of cleaning, an employee finds traces of cockroaches, bed bugs, lice and/or fleas, all employees will immediately leave the premises and will not return until a certificate of extermination has been provided.  Cleaning fees for that clean will be due in full.  If you are aware that anyone in your home has a communicable disease, you must notify Regain Your Domain.  This includes any viruses, bacterias, fungi, or protozoa.  Depending on the nature of the particular communicable disease, cleaning may continue with appropriate protective gear utilized or cleaning may be suspended until the communicable disease has been resolved and no symptoms remain.  


Refer A Friend

We appreciate when you share your experiences with us to your friends!  If you refer someone to us, we will deduct $25 off your next clean as soon as payment is made on their first invoice!  We also really appreciate any reviews you would like to leave on our Better Business Bureau, Google Business, Facebook, and/or Bark profiles!

We look forward to having you as a new member of the Regain Your Domain family, whether it is for a one-time clean or a long relationship together.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at, phone or text at (289) 691-6191.  

List of Cleaning Products and Equipment

For clients who wish to supply their own

Below is a list of required products and equipment if you prefer to supply your own.  A checklist will be provided during the consultation to indicate which you will supply and what you prefer I supply:

Cleaning Products:

☐ Dish soap

☐ All purpose cleaning spray

☐ Antibacterial cleaning spray

☐ Degreaser (dish soap can be used alternatively)

☐ Stainless steel polish (if applicable)

☐ Wood cleaner (if applicable)

☐ Glass and window cleaner

☐ Floor cleaner

☐ Toilet cleaner

☐ Bathroom soap/mildew cleaner

☐ Dryer sheets (approximately 4 for baseboards)

☐ Any others preferred by client specific to home


☐ Vacuum

☐ Mop & Bucket or spray mop** 

☐ Broom & dustpan (vacuum can be used)**

☐ Static duster

☐ Microfiber cloths (at least 1 per room plus 2)

☐ Toilet brush*

☐ Scrub brush for floor corners

* A toilet brush for each toilet must be provided at every home, even those that prefer I supply my own products and equipment.  I do not supply or transport toilet brushes for sanitary reasons.

** There are two pieces of equipment I prefer to use if the client is comfortable with me bringing them.  They are sprayed and wiped with alcohol sanitizer between homes and the cleaning surfaces are replaceable to ensure a new one is used at each home:

  1. Shark vacmop for non-carpeted floors.  The pads are disposable and act both as a canister for the vacuumed debris and as a mop pad, so nothing is transferred between homes.  

  1. A long pole with microfiber cloth attachment (a new one used in each home).  I use this to quickly and efficiently clean walls and remove cobwebs.

If the client would prefer I do not bring any equipment into their home, I will work around not having them, but it is ideal if I am able to at the very least bring these.

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