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Cleaning Services

There are different cleaning services depending on the individual needs of the client and home.  The services listed will give you an idea of what will work best for you and can be customized to suit your needs.   

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Maintenance Cleaning

The most common house cleaning performed for most clients.  In order to have regular maintenance cleans, a deep clean is required first.  (See below).

 A maintenance cleaning includes the following:

  • High and low dusting

  • All surfaces cleaned according to type

  • All items lifted, dusted, and replaced

  • High touch surfaces cleaned/sanitized

  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed

  • Leather furniture cleaned & conditioned

  • Windows (interior), glass, and mirrors spot cleaned and buffed

  • Full kitchen clean including cupboard/drawer fronts, inside and outside of microwave, outside of all appliances cleaned and polished if stainless steel, sink cleaned and polished, and kickboards cleaned

  • Full bathroom clean including all fixtures, vanity cupboard fronts, and all baseboards cleaned

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped

Service provided at a flat rate quoted following the deep clean.  Rate varies based on size of home, size of family, number of pets, and frequency of cleaning.  $120 minimum.  To get an instant estimate, click here!


Deep Cleaning

It is beneficial to deep clean the whole house at least once a year to completely remove all dust and debris for a cleaner home and healthier environment.  If maintenance cleans are performed regularly following a deep clean, further deep cleans should not be required.  This is a top-to bottom whole home clean that removes dirt, dust, hair, and debris from every inch of the home including the often neglected areas.   A deep cleaning is required initially prior to regular maintenance cleanings.  A deep cleaning includes all of the services of a maintenance clean plus:

  • Cleaning of baseboards and trim around doors and windows

  • Cleaning of all walls, doors, and most ceilings

  • Cleaning behind and under furniture as access allows (excludes china cabinets)

  • Bathroom scale and scum removal

  • Cleaning surface area of inside air vents

  • Cleaning internal side of doors and windows and external windows if accessible

  • Nicotine stain removal at an additional $10/hour for supplies - note that nicotine stain removal can require double the time of a home without.

The length of time this cleaning takes varies greatly based on size of the home, type of trim, amount of furniture/décor, when the last deep clean was performed, size and activity level of family, and if children/pets occupy the home.  A general rule is a standard sized 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home takes two cleaner 6-8 hours then 30 minutes per additional bedroom or bathroom.  For efficiency, two cleaners perform a deep clean simultaneously so furniture can safely be moved.  

Service is provided at a flat rate fee and is performed by two cleaners.  For an instant estimate, click here!


Special Cleaning Tasks

Special cleaning tasks are provided as needed and as discussed with the client.  These are cleaning tasks that are not included in a maintenance or deep cleaning, but are beneficial to the client as an addition to these services or on their own.  These tasks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Washing dishes - $10/sink full (if there is only a few dishes, this is complementary)

  • Laundry - wash/dry/fold - $10/load

  • Full clean of fridge - $50 with other service or $100 stand alone

  • Full clean of oven - $50 with other services or $100 stand alone

  • Pickup/tidying of items around the home that would normally be done by client prior to cleaning - $35/hour, $35 minimum

  • Refinishing of scratched or stained non-coated stainless steel (sinks and appliances)- $70 per 2 sinks or per appliance.


Pre-List Real Estate Clean

Performed prior to listing a home on the real estate market, a pre-list clean restores your home to as close to a like-new state as possible to add value and appeal to your home.  Includes everything in a deep clean plus:

- internal fridge

- internal oven

- inside all cupboards, drawers, and closets

Depersonalization/packing/organizing available with Pre-list cleans


Move in/Move out cleaning

Usually provided to landlords or home owners when changing tenants or during real estate closing.   This includes all services performed in a deep cleaning plus:

  • Removal of all remining belongings and garbage as discussed with client

  • Cleaning the inside of all appliances

  • Cleaning behind and under all appliances

  • Cleaning inside of all cupboards and drawers

  • Cleaning inside of all closets

  • Odour removal with ozone machine (additional cost.  Requires no occupancy in area for 1-3 days depending on odour level)

  • Any additional cleaning needs as discussed with client


Vacation Rental Cleaning (Airbnb)

Our Vacation Rentals (Airbnb) are where we shine! We have regularly and reliably turned over many luxury vacation rental properties for our amazing hosts! We understand that we make the difference between complaints and the 5 star "guest favorite" Super Host status that all of our clients have! We take our vacation rental properties very seriously, ensuring that not a single crumb or hair is left behind! Every turnover receives a thorough deep clean including everything in a residential maintenance clean PLUS inside every appliance, inside every cupboard and drawer, every single dish and cutlery examined for proper cleanliness, furniture and decor staged, linens washed, beds professionally made, coffees and toiletries restocked as per hosts' preference and towels set up decoratively.

We are very particular with our vacation rental standards and will only work with hosts who are like minded with both cleanliness, thorough staging, and sanitization of every turnover. It is required that all linens, towels, and bath mats be cleaned every turnover and will not agree to skip any of this to reduce the price of the clean. It is required that every bed have at least one additional set of linens for efficiency in turnover time allowing us to make beds while laundry is being done.


Extreme Cleaning & Organizing

I will begin with explaining that I myself used to struggle with organization and clutter! I thoroughly understand how hard it is to maintain a home when you suffer from mental health complications, depression, anxiety, PTSD, physical limitations, addiction, and even ADHD/Autism. Any of these factors can lead to paralysis when it comes to maintaining the home and you quickly become overwhelmed which makes it even harder to regain control of your home which leads to further mental health complications! It's a vicious cycle that feels impossible to break! It's also extremely hard and embarrassing to reach out for help. I GET IT! I HAVE BEEN THERE! I have taken courses and certifications and learned to turn cleaning and organizing into a therapeutic, enjoyable task and I thrive helping others caught in this cycle to "REGAIN YOUR DOMAIN" It's literally the name of our business! I want to help you get the relief you need and deserve to work on yourself without the state of your home impeding you from healing! I am here and I understand and you will be in a safe, non-judgemental space when I am in your home!

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